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The BookShelf - A Place for Used and Vintage Books!

Welcome to the BookShelf... Here you'll find lots of reasonably-priced, interesting, old and not-so-old, weird and not-so-weird, rare and not-so-rare, books from all genres. Click on a genre below and browse its "shelf" to see if we have anything you might like to read!

You can also count on us for the lowest postage rates...only $3.00 media mail postage for the first paperback book - $3.50 media mail postage for the first hardback book - to anywhere in the United States! Buy more, get a special bulk postage rate! Or, choose priority flat rate for one book at just $6.75!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will you buy my books?

Sorry, no. I pretty much find all my books at rummage sales or thrift shops for very cheap...thus I don't need to mark them up too high to make a profit. Unless you are willing to sell them to me for 25-50 cents each and deliver them to my doorstep to save shipping costs I'm not interested. Try selling them on, Ebay or Amazon!oksh

2. Do you ship books out of the U.S.?

Yep, but first let me know what books you're interested in. I'll weigh them and see how much shipping will cost on the USPS website. For payment I will accept only Paypal or International Money Orders - NO foreign checks. Keep in mind that heavy packages are going to be pretty expensive to ship overseas, even using the slowest "economy" method - they keep getting more expensive each year! Example: 2 paperback books to Australia/Europe will cost about US$15.00, 7 books will cost about US$28.00...and anything over 4 pounds can no longer be shipped economy rate.

3. Why so many annoying pop-up ads on your site??

Hey, I'm getting this free webspace from Tripod, so I've gotta put up with whatever they wish to put on it. I really don't make enough money from selling books to want to pay fees for a "real" site. To get around these, I'd recommend using the Google Chrome browser, and downloading an ad-block program like AdBlock. I've been using it quite awhile now for my own browsing purposes and it works great!


Looking to see if we have a particular book? Type in the title or author to check! (Put quotation marks around the phrase to make sure it includes the words in the right order: Example: "Half Magic")

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