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(summer 2020)

In the last few years, small independent bookselling websites haven't been as popular as they once were, so I've decided to shut down this site. It's been a fun project, hunting down hard-to-find books and making a little extra money selling them these past 15 or so years. But, one must look to the future and say goodbye to the past! Thanks to all of you who have bought from us!

I'm continuing to hunt for cool books as well as other things, and if you're interested, I'm now selling them at:

"Old Things and Objects"
1144 Commercial Street in Astoria, Oregon - specializing in books, vintage toys, art, records, antiques, and more!


The BookShelf Ebay Store
If you have a question about any of my listings, feel free to email me using the email link on this page below! I'm willing to work with you if you don't like to use ebay.

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